The SWAG Gymnastics team is dedicated to high quality gymnastics without compromise.  The promotion of discipline, hard work, sportsmanship, and teamwork will be lessons these athletes take with them and use the rest of their lives. Our team program will have a full set of brand new dedicated equipment for the exclusive use of team kids! ​Members of our team will compete at the local, state, regional, and national levels in the U.S.A.G. Junior Olympic Program.

Pre-Team | Ages 4 - 6

SWAG Gymnastics Pre-Team classes are a more structured class for future team athletes. Pre-Team athletes, between the ages of 4-6 are required to practice 4 hours per week. If your child is older then six, we will evaluate your child and place them in the appropriate class. Pre-team program objectives include developing strength, flexibility, and a strong foundation for upper level gymnastics skills. Please request an evaluation at the front desk if this is the direction you are hoping to go.

Monday & Thursday

5pm - 7pm