Full Class Schedule


Recreational Classes

SWAG offers a full schedule of classes with many different levels of gymnastics instruction

ARE YOU NEW HERE? New students, please register for one of our FREE Trial classes. This class will be a fun mix of gymnastics and evaluation by our awesome recreation manager, so we can place you in the correct class level. See the full list of Free Trial class dates below for all options for the free class. These take place on Mondays at 4pm, sign up for the one that works best for you! If Mondays don’t work, please email us at www.swaggymnastics.pnw@gmail.com or call (360) 326-4724 and we can arrange an evaluation time. Click here to register, then call our office at (360) 326-4724 to verify enrollment. 

Past or current students: Do you need help finding/adding a class?  Call the SWAG front office at (360) 326-4724 or email us at swaggymnastics.pnw@gmail.com and our friendly staff can help you find the placement and day of class you are looking for. 

Wait List: If there is a Wait List noted for the Class Status, it means the class is currently full.