Tumbling Ages 6 +


Tumbling classes are offered for a variety of reasons.  Some want to learn how to “flip around”, while others need tumbling skills  for cheerleading.  No matter what the reason, here at SWAG our classes will allow participants to learn in a safe environment without missing important steps needed for success.

Tumbling 1

This class will go over basic shapes and movement needed to start learning tumbling skills.  Our goal is to keep moving as repetition is key to learning these higher level tricks!​

​We will take advantage of the tumble track, tumble strip, the foam pit, and more.

Tumbling 2

This class is for students are ready for more than basics.  They will receive training on tumbling with continued help through drills to ensure they have a solid foundation for when they are ready to connect tumble skills.

  • Pre-requisite: Round-off Back Handspring